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Please have a look around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be of assistance.  I answer my own phone.

  • Community Events

    Atheist Meetup

    The Lexington Atheists

    Come eat, drink and converse (or just converse) with non-theists. WE AVERAGE FROM 10 -15 MEMBERS AT EACH MEETING! Few members bother to RSVP because we meet every Monday night and they know we do not have a limit.

    Pumpkin Mania! $5

    Running & Walking Group of the Bluegrass

    Let's meet at W+M on TUESDAY (not Wednesday) to check out the street party down at Transy! Because it's become so popular, they'll be closing off Third Street & bringing in food trucks! Pumpkin lighting begins at 7PM. I suggest we have our wine &...

    Game Night at Rob's House!

    The Boardgame Enthusiasts of Lexington Kentucky

    On the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month, I am opening my home up for game play! I have three open tables and a personal game library of 300+ games (and growing).All are welcome! I only ask hat you RSVP if you are coming so I can have an idea of...